Wednesday 3 June 2020

Method For Calculating a 3D Printer Maximum Flow Rate


This note describes the steps taken to test and measure the maximum filament flow rate supported by a 3D printer.

The flow rate depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Hot end heating capability: how quickly can the hot end get heat into the filament as it passes through.
  •  Filament and hot-end differential temperature: How much energy is taken from the hot end when the filament is melted.
  •  Drive capability of the extruder: How quickly can the extruder motor pass filament into the hot end.

Test Overview

The test passes different lengths of filament through the hot end at a set temperature over a fixed 10 second interval.

It is noted when the extruder starts to click / slip, and the extruded filament is weighed and compared against the expected results.


Download the document here: Method for Calculating a 3D Printer Maximum Flow Rate

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