Wednesday 14 September 2016

XYZ Davinci Pro Network Problems

I've got a Davinci Pro 3D printer, and have identified an obscure network connection issue that I believe is associated with the printer firmware.

I use the Windows application to submit a job when connected to the home wifi network, then go out.
I then connect to the home network via VPN, and I can view the printing status ... no problem !
I return home, and reconnect using the home network and get a Timeout error when trying to look at the printing status.
I re-connect via VPN, and everything is fine.
Back to connecting via the home network, and no luck (Timeout again). 
I then wait and reboot the printer, and the home network works fine, until the next time I connect via VPN, of course.

I've managed to eliminate the XYZ software (and Windows) from the equation by using 'telnet printer 9100' - it either connects or times out.

This is the first problem report I've raised with XYZ, so here's hoping.

Monday 12 September 2016

Braille Bow Ties

After having a taste of a shandy made with beer and cola, I decided it was time to make some labels so that different bottles in the fridge can be differentiated from each other, when the user cannot see.

These Braille Bow Ties clip onto the top of a standard 2L PET bottle neck, and contain a short one or two letter summary of the contents, e.g. DL for Diet Lemonade, SW for Sparkling Water etc.

These were designed using Freecad, saved as STL files, and shared with the world through thingiverse.