Sunday 26 January 2014

Installing Ubuntu Studio 13.10 on An Asus X200CA

Bought an X200CA from Tesco - this came complete with Windows 8 installed.

Downloaded Ubuntu Studio 13.10:
  • Installed onto a USB Fob
  • Inserted Fob into PC.

Reconfigured the PC to enable booting from the fob:
  • Booted the PC, and Held F2
  • Security | Secure Boot Control = Disable
  • Boot | Fast Boot = Disable
  • F10, Save and Reboot, Held F2
  • Boot | Launch CSM = Enable
  • Launch PXE OpROM = Enable
  • F10, Save and Reboot, Held Escape

Selected USB Fob from boot menu (The USB fob, not the UEFI: USB Fob)

Followed the Ubuntu Install.
  • Selected Replace Windows 8 with Ubuntu Studio when asked
  • Selected English (UK) and English (UK, extended WinKeys) when asked
  • Reboot, Held Escape
  • Selected the hard disk (P0) from the boot menu
Total time for install: 20 minutes

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