Sunday 21 December 2008

Mandriva - Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox is the media player to use, however, out of the box, it does not support the BBC Radio stations (due to the RealAudio Codec).

Installing the RealAudio Codec

The RealAudio Codec is not part of the default Mandriva release, and so to install it, you must enable the PLF sources:
# urpmi.addmedia plff
# urpmi.addmedia plfnf
# urpmi real-codecs
# urpmi.removemedia plff && urpmi.removemedia plfnf
Once installed, Rhythmbox will be able to decode the real-audio.

Adding your Stations

In order to add stations, you must know the URLs of the streams. For the BBC, I used the Reciva website, clicked on the play now link for the station, and then look in the source of the pop-up window to find the URL of the stream.
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="0" width="0"></iframe>
BBC7 is currently:
Alouette is currently:

More Visualisations

If you want more visualisations, simply install the gstreamer0.10-visual and libvisual-plugins through the package manager.

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  1. Radio Alouette est plus facile à écouter ici